Tom learned the culture of Kiva, listened to our needs, and presented us with dozens of options. After we chose the perfect space and closed the deal, Tom also guided us through the build-out. I’d recommend Tom to anyone."

Kiva is a fantastic non-profit working in the micro-finance space.

Upon Tom’s first meeting with the team, Kiva’s organic growth had outnumbered the size of its building. The team was broken up across four unconnected suites, challenging communications among the team.

Kiva’s office search put its people first, prioritizing employee happiness above any other criteria. The search spanned more than 20 properties, eventually shortlisting three buildings.

The final choices were toured by 13 Kiva employees ranging from the C-Suite to the newest hires, and 875 Howard Street was chosen unanimously. Tom was successful in closing the deal though lease negotiations that included a beautiful build out, paid for by the landlord.