"Tom and JLL have been excellent real estate partners for us in a very tricky market. They took the long view and advised us as friends for years, before we were ready to take a big bite and move into a 30K new space. They have been invaluable partners for us, and I could not recommend them more."

DoubleDutch is a technology startup in the events and conferences space with significant funding, founded in the Mission District in San Francisco.

Tom had advised and assisted the CEO & Founder with his previous company, though had not done any real estate representation. When the CEO pivoted the company into DoubleDutch, he assisted from the sidelines, providing counsel. Soon thereafter, DoubleDutch hit certain internal metrics around revenue and headcount growth and decided it was time for a truly purpose-built new home, they came to Tom to help them find it.

With geographical restrictions dictating a need to stay close to their existing facilities, Tom was tasked with finding a space that exemplified the tech startup culture of employee satisfaction and connectivity.

Tom was able to secure the perfect space for DoubleDutch, inside a full floor of previously built out tech space. The tenant improvement allowance we negotiated with the landlord was used to put the DoubleDutch touch and feel and brand on the space, prior to a successful move-in.