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Drones over San Francisco + Mission Bay Fire

The Chronicle today posted a story showcasing drone videos based in San Francisco.  That article can be found HERE.  I tend to need a total sense of direction when properly analyzing locations for my clients, and while Google Earth is incredible and helpful, real video is even better.  Whenever I get a chance to get [...]

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TechCrunch Cribs Meets Indiegogo: Client in the News

TechCrunch Cribs visited the Indiegogo offices this week and the film is fantastic.  Pretty proud to be so closely involved with such an amazing company, as they are empowering so many people and providing them a platform in which to launch great ideas.  And if you ever wonder what it is I do for a [...]

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Election Time: San Francisco Real Estate Related Ballot Measures Explained

The smart research people at JLL (my firm), released an interesting document detailing the three measures hitting the San Francisco ballots tomorrow morning.  That document can be found by CLICKING THIS LINK.  In short, there are three main ordinances that, if passed, will effect real estate development and land use in San Francisco.  The attached [...]

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Tom Poser’s Q4 Networking Event is Tuesday, October 28th: Be There

Hello to all! I have been dropping the ball regarding the consistency of these networking events but people keep asking about them, so let’s get another one fired up! The details for the event are below, and I hope you can make it. In all seriousness, people want to like you, they want to enjoy [...]

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Apologies: Clients & Kids!

Just a note to apologize for the lack of updates to this blog.  San Francisco is a little crazy these days relative to commercial real estate, and fortunately I have been busy helping clients, many of whom are facing serious challenges in the face of increasing rental markets.  I also have been spending a lot [...]

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22 Leases Over 100K Square Feet Expiring in San Francisco through 2020

The smart people that run JLL research released an interesting Chart of the Week this morning.  It speaks to the future demand for office space in the CBD based simply on the upcoming schedule of large lease expirations.  Here are a couple of interesting takeaways: -  Financial services comprise 4.4 m.s.f. of expirations in the [...]

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VC Funding Driving Tech Growth in San Francisco

The latest Chart of the Week released by JLL in San Francisco shows the dramatic increase in VC funding that has taken place for San Francisco technology companies recently.  Some key takeaways, written by our great research people: – $1.9B The total high-tech venture capital funding during Q1 2014, accounting for 28.7 percent of all [...]

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Client in the News: Inside Indiegogo’s Offices

Steven Searer and his team at Office Snapshots visited the Indiegogo offices here in San Francisco and the pictures are beautiful.  I am very fortunate to be able to claim Indiegogo as a client and had a wonderful experience working with them to grow into their last two spaces.  Their newest home, captured in the [...]

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Grit: My 2014 Personal Business Model

The internet has changed, permanently, the way we do business.  It has altered the manner in which decisions are made.  Meritocracy now rules, and you will fail or succeed because of your true track record.  Clients are no longer forced to make decisions based solely on what you want them to see.  They see everything. [...]

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The Q1 2014 Tom Poser Networking Event Approaches…

Hello to all! I am certain 2013 was incredible for you, as was predicted on this very website this time last year.  Congratulations.  In order to properly get a jump on 2014, I strongly suggest you join me for the first of four quarterly networking events I will be running this year.  We have had [...]